grown up haiku

the kids are asleep
get me to our bed, and quick
let's fuck while we can

you have been so good
i want to do tricks for you
get the camera

from this vantage point
your skinny legs sticking out
wrap them around me

your hands on my ass
pushing, kneading, your big hands
will not fit inside

now we are finished
kiss me, kiss me, i am yours
for all eternity


  1. What? Now you are just stealing lyrics from John Denver songs.

  2. Should've put a NSFW tag on this one. No telling what the Amherst IT guys think of me now...

  3. I should learn not to be so sarcastic... I think anyone with kids knows exactly how real this poem is. Pent up romance and longing for your spouse is, at the end of the day, quite romantic.

  4. John, the IT guys? must have figured me out by now. i hope they are appreciative.

  5. and i wasn't ready to share my John Denver fantasies with the interwebs yet. dammit.

  6. So it's ArtPrize in my town now, and one of the artists is a woman who is sitting under an awning with a toaster and paintbrushes. People text her haiku about love, and then she paints them on toast. Periodically she reads them aloud in the performance space next door. She also has some toast haiku displayed on shelves. I've walked past her a couple times , but I haven't seen anything as lovely as these.

  7. haiku for the masses! toast haiku! that is awesome.
    i wonder how you paint words on toast?
    that must be challenging, what with the crumbs and all.
    but i think she should write her own haiku.
    she sounds like a transcriber to me. a transcriber on toast.
    thank you for the lovely compliment.


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