avatar haiku

late to the party
just saw avatar, i know
i'm a year behind

dr. seuss should know
it's a homage, a paean
uncredited, natch

unless someone like
YOU cares a whole awful lot
heavy moral tale

long lanky bodies
and fantasy animals
funny things abound

beautiful trees
the lorax, butter battle
magical seed pods

oh, james cameron
i think you owe royalties
to the seuss estate


  1. I never saw this movie. Too many blue people for me. And I am not a James Cameron fan. At all.

    Was the popcorn good?

    I love movie popcorn.

  2. Kris is a racist against the blueys.

    I thought Avatar was a rather dull film, saved by the fact that its 3D didn't suck.

    I do like James Cameron's film, though.

    Hope we can all still be friends.

  3. i'm not not a Cameron fan. we skipped Avatar when it came out, the old man & i, neither of us was interested. then he saw it with a friend the other day and liked it better than he thought so we decided i should see it, too. (it's re-released in theaters now.)

    i'm glad to have seen it. it was very attractive and interesting to look at. the story? it was fine. whatever. it doesn't matter.

    but mostly, i was distracted by the Seuss-ness of the whole thing. and the flying scene not as good as the one in "How To Train Your Dragon," which is a movie i liked a whole awful lot.

  4. and oops, the popcorn was okay. i like plain air-popped corn with nothing on it better.

    i had twizzlers. yum.

  5. Nigel . . .

    The blue people?

    They were creepy.

    And Marian?

    Popcorn needs butter.

    It just does.

  6. I really enjoyed Avatar and I'm not ashamed to publicly admit that fact. Yes, the story was lacking a bit; but it was beautiful to watch. And of course, I loved the spiritual aspect of the movie.

    Marian, I have two words for you ... HERBAL POPCORN. Seriously. I will try to remember to get some for you to try. DELICIOUS!

  7. BUT, great lover of all things Seuss, i was surprised that you did not mention this, once i saw the film. do you not see it everywhere? apparently one of the added scenes (we saw the "new" version) is the one where they pick up a copy of The Lorax in the schoolroom. so maybe that is Cameron's nod to Ted Geisel.

    yes, i would like to try herbal popcorn! what the heck does that mean? sometimes i sprinkle nutritional yeast on there, yum yum. or just plain ole salt. mmm


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