whatever you know

(take whatever you know
and hide it far away)

this is my house
and you are lucky to be here

(put your headphones on)

feed my dog
no breakfast for you

(don't invite friends)

your dog? dead
your cat? shot

did you fall?

(get out)

your mother is at work

this is my house

she will not protect you.



  1. Did you write that? What inspired it? Hmm.

  2. yes, i wrote it. it's not a memory of something that happened to me. that is all.

  3. The thing about poetry, for me?

    Is that it invites in too much of the reader.

    To fill those empty spaces.

    You have left.

    Or is that just my imagination?


  4. that is exactly my objective. thank you for letting me know i accomplished it with this one.

    i write about specific things and attempt to convey something universal. as you do as well, with your prose.

    big sigh.


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