river haiku

Inspired by Nigel's manic river haiku proliferation at Origami Hour with Henry Silva, here are some river haiku snapshots of my own. I could go on all day, but this is probably enough.

kids climb on the bridge
shirtless girl lies, waits for cars
to run her over

living on the crick
kids playing under the bridge
building crayfish homes

family road trip
highway, then river, then stacks
of three mile island

down by the water
to climb the gemini tree
grab branch: ACK! a snake!

the hundred year flood.
i am an island, bobbing
high point on the road

walk with your lover
along monongahela
guy fishing: head cheese

kingfisher shrieking
skinny dipping, red light on:
septic tank is full

In other news, today my little girl referred in conversation to doing something "by myself," instead of her previously preferred "by my own." I caught my breath and had to bite my lip hard to keep from bursting into tears.