old teacher legs

You remember my pal Lizzy Danger and our poetry duets? (You can find our collaborations here, here, and here.) Well, we've done it again! And this time, I suggested the line: "Old teacher legs."

"Old teacher legs" was a search phrase that actually led someone in Italy to this here blog. As did "the lonely doll gets spank." (That was someone in Wisconsin.) A friend (jokingly, I think) confided that he is now weighing both of these phrases as the title of his erotic memoir, moved by their "Henry Miller meets Anaïs Nin meets David Lee Roth" feel.

This erotic association pervaded my thoughts and made it difficult to squeeze a poem out of the line, but it eventually came. (And for the record, my favorite search phrase that led to my blog is "how to use groovy in a sentence." Perfect, huh?)

Here's Lizzy's poem first.


The babbling brook joins the trickling river
and the clouds float by with harmony
while wind rustles through the trees

Golden yellow dandelions
invade the lush greenery of your favorite field
while their musky scent swirls around you

The long branches of the Kentucky Coffee Tree
create dancing shadows under the hot sun
Reminding you of old teacher legs

Floating about you are thick billowy clouds
and as they release their refreshing moisture,
your favorite field is brightened with rainbows

And here is mine.


i still see her
my old teacher, legs bare
gauze skirt and clogs
a braid down her back

at the blackboard, tan arm raised
diagramming sentences
in her loopy script

i know the parts of speech
i make a fancy e
i write

when she arrived on my street
on the neighbor's motorcycle
tan arms
around his teenage chest

i closed my eyes
and turned away