circle yes or no

All that I remember about first grade. Sitting behind a girl named Tammy and thinking I wanted to be her friend because she had long hair. Reading aloud from Fun with Dick and Jane. Receiving a valentine from a boy named Rudy. Learning that he was killed when he and his brother were playing with his father's gun.

All that I remember about second grade. Liking my teacher, who had long brown hair and was nice. Looking under the bathroom door when boys went in to see if they stood or sat. Being passed a note in the library: "Will you go with me? Circle YES or NO." Saying yes.


  1. this was sweet and sad and funny and naughty.
    A lot like you right?


  2. Your writing is simply beautiful...always.

    I learned to read with Dick and Jane. I still have such a fondness for the simplicity of the stories and the lovely illustrations.

    I bought the Dick and Jane Treasury for my children and Katie loves to leaf through it and finds the same joy in the stories that I did.

    Is that lame? Yes or no?

  3. Rene. you betcha ;)

    Nichole. thank you. and circle no! not lame at ALL. we homeschool our children and reading primer number one is the Dick and Jane Treasury. yay!

    xo to both of you.

  4. So sweet. I remember the smells. I always seem to remember the smells the best, but I don't even seem to notice the smells in my everyday life.

    Which is weird, but nice, too.

    My parents had their old Dick and Jane books and I read them when I was a little girl. I remember best how they smelled, of course. Few smells are nicer than old books.

  5. weird but super-nice. i don't remember the smell of elementary school. which is probably a good thing.

  6. In second grade, my school held an election so students could cast a vote for president. My parents were supporting George H.W. Bush, so I did, too. That's the first and last time I voted for a Republican.

  7. Catwoman! ah! in ninth grade civics, we held an election between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. i was elected to be Reagan and made a campaign speech in front of the entire school! ugh. me too, never again.

  8. Oh, I remember Dick and Jane.

    I loved Puff the cat.

    I remember moving to a new school in first grade and being assigned to a low reading group, and on the first day of class? Reading the whole Dick and Jane book aloud to my group.

    And then being assigned to a new group.

  9. i remember how painful it was to go around the room with each kid reading a line from the book, because some kids couldn't read at all and other kids already knew how to read. weird.

  10. Im circling yes...
    this is a FABulous post.
    All I remember about the first grade is Where the Wild Things Are...
    All I remember about the second grade is playing checkers with my teacher, who promised EVERYONE she would beat them. And the cursed cursive letters, OY the bane of my existence.

  11. interesting, do they still teach cursive?
    i don't think we are going to teach our kids. why bother? they can learn when they're bigger, if they want. when they are defining their own style.
    did your second grade teacher beat you at checkers??
    and Nicole, you circled yes. that means we're going together.


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