backyard haiku

turquoise rectangle
plastic backyard pool beckons
come in and cool off

long grass, saving ants
who come to water to drown
you say, "silly ants."

cool breeze, fighter jets
a duo in formation
misted by the hose

your bathing suit a
bit too big, your hair too long
i could eat you up

sulking, gazing off
hair in eyes, chewing your nails
what are you thinking?

arguing, squabbling
my turn! no, my turn! enough
already, stop that

i would like to read
or write poetry, but you
are far too needy

still, backyard children
laughing, splashing, carrying
on, summer enthralls


  1. You two.


    I will admit here what I am unlikely to admit over on Nigel's blog. I don't enjoy haiku because I don't think I am good at it. And I am fiercely competitive.


    So you two go ahead being all smart and awesome.

    I will kick your asses in some other arena.

    I so will.

  2. but, can you kick my ass if i am not competing with you? huh.

  3. Personally?

    I always find it easier to kick ass when the other person is not involved in the competition.



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