answered kisses

One of my grandmother's poems for a sultry night.
I thought I'd somehow learned to do without you--
That when we'd meet I'd smile and say some trivial thing,
And that my heart had no more need to love you,
No urgent wish to hold your love,
Or keep your memory pressed away in rose leaves.
But when you came today, you were too real--the You
That I have never ceased to love, I know--
The You who with my every breath have constantly
Been mine without my knowing--
I could not force myself to hide my soul,
I answered every kiss of yours with mine.


  1. You know this already.

    But your grandmother?

    She kicked ass.

    She so did.


  2. Love ♥
    Miss u Gram xo

  3. she wrote this when she was in COLLEGE. she would have been 100 years old this year. to find other poems and writing of hers, click on "my grandmother" in the "what i write about" cloud to the right.

  4. "Or keep your memory pressed away in rose leaves"
    That's so different. Could she have said rose petals, but said leaves?
    Love this

  5. she was a master of language. this was just the beginning.
    she did not suffer fools, and she raged at spelling and grammar errors in the local paper, for which she was a reporter and photographer for many years.


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