cherry blossoms

My pal Lizzy Danger writes poetry and inspires others to do the same at her blog, A Series of Thoughts. Steady readers may recall that Lizzy inspired me to write a little poem about my grandmother's funeral (you can find it here). 

Lizzy recently put out the call again and I said I was game. Then she suggested that we both write a poem with the same line, "the cherry blossoms grew with pride," and see what happens.

Here is Lizzy's poem.
The sun rises on a new day
Peace is felt throughout
The beauty is astounding
and the elegance takes your breath away
You have been waiting for this moment,
for their grace,
their delicate charm,
their polished artistry.
The cherry blossoms grew with pride
Unaware of all they represented
The arrival of Spring
A glorious new day has arrived.
An untouched journey begins

And here is mine.
I drove in the dark
You and your friends
Up the escalator summit
Coming out in the bright morning sun
The day the cherry blossoms grew with pride
Pride evident everywhere
Throngs of happy people
Signs bearing witness
“I’m a lesbian too”
“I love my gay son”
And when we reached “God hates fags”
You said, kiss me
Kiss me.