so close, yet so far away

Lizzy Danger writes poetry and inspires others to do the same on her blog, A Series of Thoughts. Sometimes she asks for line suggestions, sometimes she suggests lines. The results are interesting and wonderful! I suggested a line to Lizzy, "He'd be a free man today," and here is the poem she wrote. 

I said I was game, so Lizzy suggested a line to me. "So close, yet so far away." As this lovely line has seven syllables, at first I was stuck in haiku:
our friend the mountain
so close, yet so far away
in her shade we grow
your words level me
so close, yet so far away
funny thing, choices
sitting side by side
so close, yet so far away
i want to hold your hand

Then I wrote this poem. I like it. It's called Anne.
silver bells
through the mountain
interminable drive
it feels like rain

an angel, a saint
laid hands on me
healed me
pushed me forward

jazz, violets
photographs of you
your children
your friends

your words
with me
through me
so close, yet so far away