watch this space

Days like today remind me how lucky I really am. Perfect spring day, we took a quick junket to Shelburne Falls to soak up the sun and the fresh breeze. "Roll down your windows and let the wind blow back your hair," indeed. My beautiful children, running around. Favorite pizza and salad. The Bridge of Flowers. Favorite place.

We married ourselves at the potholes in Shelburne Falls under a frigid bright evening sky, March 8, 2003. And we take every chance we can get to run up there and fool around. Today, we started out too late to ride the trolley. Next time.

Mole Hollow Candles there by the potholes is closed, totally vacant. And the glass blower is no longer there. I always wondered how Mole Hollow Candles could survive in the land of Yankee Candle. Location, I guess. But honestly, I don't think I ever purchased anything there. Oh, maybe once. And I certainly never purchased any blown glass products, though I have watched and appreciated over and over.

My progression to this blog has been long. For quite some time, Facebook and Twitter satisfied my need to speak my peace and nourish my mind with the constant flow and exchange of information and ideas. But the urge to write and share is strong, so here I am, with my very own soapbox, er, blog.

Here's what the kids look like on the first day of mama's new blog.